Top 5 Best Photography Engagement Locations

Kisses On A Park BenchAre you really convinced that she is the one? If so, do something extra special for your fiance and have a photographer there to document the proposal.  But wait, where do you want to it?  After all this will be one of the most important times of both of your lives so it’s best to do a lot of brainstorming before you commit to any one location.  To help you out with the process I have compiled just a few places for your to consider.  Some may be a little on the wild side but that’s for couples who don’t mind putting some work in to get to the location.

Well, you do not have to beat your head in trying to find the best locations. Relax; here are the top 5 best photography engagement locations. Pick one that will work well for both of you.

The Countryside

  • Fields: the countryside is so beautiful. Go out into the fields when the bird a singing and you are all absorbed into the natural sound.
  • Roads: what about the country roads? With trees on both sides, you will love the photos. They are so natural for you to ask for her hand in marriage.
  • Old farms: imagine surrounded by old rusty farm machines. This is a lovely location to have your engagement photos.
  • Under the bridge: there are those huge bridges in the countryside. Find a good looking one. The feeling is exhilarating and the photography is great.

The ocean

  • Beach: the sandy beach is one of the best places for your engagement photography. The breeze, the open ocean view; it can never get more romantic than this.
  • Cliff tops: go on top of the cliffs facing the ocean. Try all the angles to get the best panoramic view for your photos.

By the river

  • A dry river bed: take a walk along a dry river bed. You can even lay on it. It is lovely and it is so natural.
  • A rolling river: a river with water flowing will give you a great location. The greenery is something you would want in your photos.
  • A river waterfall: it does not get more beautiful than by a river fall. The view is outstanding and you will always miss to be back here.

In the city

  • The merry-go-round: the merry-go-round is such a romantic place. You are on the move and you are just waiting to engage to her. This place is colourful enough to give you the best photos for you to Beautiful Morning Sun Shining Light In Public Park With Green Grremember this great day.
  • A public park: do you want it calm? Choose an empty corner in the city’s public park. Ensure you pick the one with so many trees around. They add to the natural beauty of the location.
  • Artwork shop: if you both love art, then an art work shop is a perfect location. You can pose with the best pieces.

At home

  • In bed! Who said you cannot propose appropriately at home? You can just do that in bed. Make sure you have set up the bedroom to befit the occasion. Do not let it be like all the other days.
  • The garden: take her out into the home garden. This is a good place to unwind but it is even a better location for your engagement photography.

Well, as you can see you have lots of places to pick for your photography engagement locations. The point is to make it meaningful for both of you. This is a day you never want to forget. Making it count by choosing the best place for the photos.