Picking the right photography style

There are hundreds of different types of photography styles – traditional, photo journalistic, natural light, high fashion, etc. – and before you choose a photographer, you need to know what your style is!

The best way to find your style is to look at all the different styles that are typically used for couples, engagements, and wedding photography and see what you like best.

But here are the top 5 of the most popular styles and trends of photography right now …just to get you started!

1. Traditional / Classic

Traditional or classic photography is typically posed portraits that you can display in a professional photo album or hang on the wall. You can see these types of pictures all throughout history of famous kings and queens – portraits of them posed and hung on the walls of palaces. Even Prince William and Duchess Kate!

In a traditional photo session, each person is typically placed in a certain position and the pictures are taken. These are more formal photographs and many people like the traditional portraits in order to have a formal, set, and perfect picture of their loved ones.

Portrait of loving newly engaged

2. Photojournalism

This style of photography started in the news media, but has started to trend with wedding, engagement and couples photography too! It is more of an informal and a “realty style” of photography that captures the moments of your wedding day as they happen. Following you around and capturing the story of your special wedding day!

Photojournalism is all the rage right now for weddings! It can capture your special day, all the candid moments, and create a story book / photo album of all the pictures that you have. Truly a great way to document a wedding!

3. Lifestyle Portraits

The title of this type of photography says it all – it is to capture the “style of living” of people. Whether it is outside at your favorite park or at the beach, these portraits will capture you and your loved ones in the moment.

These portraits are typically more candid and the photographer will try to capture the feelings and emotions that you and your loved ones are feeling at that specific moment. It is great for engagement, couples, and family photography! Capturing your special moments together!  To see some examples of this type of photography visit Gary’s work Virginia Beach Photographer.

Bride and groom with a white wedding bike

4. Natural Light

Instead of the harsh flash and perfect exposure of most photography, natural light photography uses natural light to capture and emphasize the natural beauty of you and your surroundings! It is very popular for those that are having outdoor events or family time, because the sun can cast beautiful light during certain times of the day.

If you like this type of photography, you will need to make sure to schedule your wedding, event, or photo session during certain times of the day in order to get the best light! The photographer that you find that uses natural light should be able to give you suggestions on the best time of day to schedule your event. It all depends on the season too!

5. Artistic Photography

The name says it all! Artistic photography focuses upon the artist – the photographer and their specific style and taste! If you love a certain photographer’s work and feel like you can trust them to capture your special day in a very unique way, then this style is for you! This type of photography can truly produce stunning wedding and engagement photographs, but you need to make sure you love the photographer’s work first!